Friday Photos, Filled with Christmas Cheer

Behold Frosty in neon lights, which ironically, would melt Frosty. Santa and another Frosty who looks as though he's about to doff his hat. He seems to be a bit of a British Frosty. You can imagine him saying, Cheerio, Father Christmas!

A window filled with Santas.

I don't know why a person would buy a statue of a Labrador Retriever to display on his/her front doorstep, but if you are going to have one, you might as well decorate it for the season.

Little doll girl whispering to a reindeer.

I kind of hate this window and love it at the same time. I'm not a fan of Disney characters, but you have to give these people credit for going all out. I mean, look, they have made floating Mickey Mouse heads out of styrofoam balls.
This is just an elaborate display of gold and silver and the little baby Jesus.

Okay, this is out of sync, but it's the window of a nursery school place that I would've loved to go as a kid. Tons of toys and books and dolls and fun stuff.

You sort of have to click on this pic to fully appreciate St. Francis. He's got his hand pressed to his chest like a girl, as if to say, My stars, Mary!
This window is kind of creepy to me. Mrs. Claus and Santa look slightly unhinged.

Tonight, will go to a pot luck in Fishtown to celebrate all of the Sagittarius birthdays, including Ioana's and, tangentially, Mr. A's. The only problem with a pot luck party is that it requires me to bring a prepared dish. I suppose I could try to get away with chips and dip, but that's kind of cheating. Frozen fishsticks?


pamma la said…
a few weeks ago I was driving through South Philly and just by chance spotted one of your featured windows.
It was almost as exciting for me as when I saw Danny Bonaduce near Rittenhouse Square two Saturdays ago.
Life is good.
Aimee said…
How funny! Except now my camera is broken so I don't know if I'll get to capture the next season. V-Day is also big in S. Philly...