December Has Arrived with Little Fanfare

Paul Skoles and Piper were fairly well-behaved except when Paul Skoles licked the top of the pumpkin pie. And the butter dish. And then turkey.

John McGovern, law school student extraordinaire.

Carrie and Ionia laughing at something.

Piper grooming Paul Skoles. He likely needed it.

Miss Carrie!

Padhraig preparing the butternut squash with walnuts that I declined to eat. He called me fussy. That was the second time in a week that someone said I was fussy. I don't think I am!

Seems so innocent.

The spread.

How about a list of things so I don't have to go through each day:

1. Best thing about Thanksgiving: this delicious key lime pie that Carrie's friend Sarah made with a heavenly meringue topping (though there was also some debate about it one should put meringue on a key lime pie). We also played Charades (who do you think forced that on everyone?) and almost every single one of Padhraig's choices included a cat, so that he could just point to either Piper or PS without having to stand up.

2. Finished filming the second part of Lisa Marie's film with little incident on Friday morning. I spit the seeds and it wasn't too odd--though there was a moment when I bit into a chunk of watermelon and a spout of juice gushed onto my nose.

3. Was pulled over by Philly police on Saturday while on my way to the Goodwill b/c of my expired inspection. The guy was very nice and basically gave me a ticket that I don't have to pay if I can prove that I have had the car inspected. I went immediately to the nearest place I could find and had it done. It passed. Perhaps next time I will be a more responsible citizen.

4. Went out with KG to Devil's Den and Dive on Saturday (didn't go to the Donegal Ball as promised--I kind of chickened out at the last second because it would mean I would have to drive out to Germantown). Helped Kelly pick up a boy in Dive bar--very nice guy who had two full-sleeves of tattoos and works as an adolescent psychologist. They served this super disgusting apple cider nog at Dive that I drank part of and still feel like I can taste it.

5. Sunday, back over to LM's to tape the sound for the piece. I didn't listen to the recording because I sort of hate the way my voice sounds sometimes--I sound like a 12 year old.

6. Retrieved my holiday decorations from the basement yesterday and so now the bright pink neon Christmas tree is out, as are the numerous Santas. I'll take a photo for you today.

7. Must go to the dentist at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon to have some more work done on that crown. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.
Below, please find a scene from our Friday film day. That is Aggie checking the light for the shots we were about to do.

And here is the kitchen. Please note the 9 watermelons on the table which cost $85. There were ten, but I dropped one. Name this film and you can win a chance to take home a bunch of these fruits: "I carried a watermelon."


Lisa Marie said…
Hey! Who is that person in the jeans and black hat? I had NO idea you were snapping photos :-) If we become famous from the film you can sell those photos for mega bucks!
Liz said…
Wait - are you joking? Is there someone who doesn't know that "I carried a watermelon" is the first sentence Baby utters to Johnny in Dirty Dancing? Shameful.