The Virgin Mary is Watching

This is a quite blurry photo of the Virgin Mary that lives on my grandma's back patio. I tried also to take a picture of the trees in the back yard, but couldn't get them in focus. I was hoping that I would be really good at photography, you know, like some kind of instant prodigy, but I'm not. It would help if I would read the instructions that came with the camera, but why would I want to make it easier?
In other news, my cousin Stephanie is going to help me with this stop motion photography project that Lisa Marie and I want to do. Did I write about this before? Can't remember. Well, my parents brought me my childhood dollhouse when they last visited and so I thought it would be fun to use it to make a short video for YouTube or whatever. The song I want to use is Tracey Ullman's "They Don't Know About Us" and it will involve these secret loves that each member of the family has. So Steph is finding me a rugged Ken doll and will also supply a plastic horse. That is all I can say about it for now. I will give $20 to anyone who can find me an Earring Magic Ken doll. I never had Ken growing up. My mom got me a G.I. Joe doll with a buzz cut and combat boots. His hair fell out in patches. My Barbies scoffed at him, but he was the only thing in town, so they often had to put up with his heavy-handed advances.
Today, we will go to lunch and then over to grandma's and then I guess us cousins are getting together to drink wine and talk trash on everyone not present. I am lucky enough to have lots of girl cousins within five months of my age (our mother's all decided to have baby girls at the same time).