Snow and snow and fields and more snow

Oh, and cute little rabbit pawprints in the snow which I spotted last night in JoAnne's front yard. We also saw several pheasants dorkily running across the road and Grandpa's farm lit up with white lights. Very pretty and strange too to keep running into these achingly familiar yet distant things like the Hoffman's mailbox and the Giltner water tower and the long stretches of white dotted with cows and horses here and there and brown stalks of corn peeking out of the ground. My Aunt M. brought over a shoebox of old photos from when I was little and also my mom's childhood pictures and it's great and sad to see all of us there, particularly grandpa. There's a photo of him holding me, I'm one year old or so, and he's about to give me a bath in a tub in the kitchen and he's kissing my cheek and seeing it, I thought, Oh, he loved me so so much. How lucky I was to have that and also how hard it was to lose it.

Today, we will go back over to Grand Island to see grandma. We already ordered our suppers (I first wrote "dinner," but here, "dinner" really means "lunch" and supper is what you eat in the evening). I think we might also go to the mall for awhile or maybe to the library. You have to kind of try to be Zen here because there are so many people and each one has an opinion about the way things should go and so you sort of have to just let yourself go along for the ride.