I hate you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you

I am having some difficulty lately keeping my emotions in check, must be the whole dark weather thing and no sunlight and my toe hurts and also I really, really need to take a shower. I can't wait to get home to do that. But something that does make me laugh is this video that I finally figured out how to upload to blogger. This is what my cousin Steph, my Aunt JoAnne and I did on Friday night. We made lego constructions; JoAnne's was the most abstract. At one point, she said that we wouldn't be allowed to go to bed until all of the 5,000 pieces were used up. I like this video b/c you can see how often she uses her hands to express herself. Like, she didn't know I was focusing just on a close-up, but still, she's very expressive. She could be a hand model for QVC for sure.

Here are two other photos of windows I passed in South Philly on my way to work and then on my way back. The first has a sign you probably can't read that says "God Bless America with a new a new president." The second one is much cooler than it looks in this photo--it's a bunch of ornaments and pretty lights.

I love my new digital camera. I am wary of taking too many photos of my house though because then you'll see all the cat dustballs like tumbleweeds cartwheeling across the dirty floor.


Lisa Marie said…
Your film is very inspirational. I love the impromptu direction and random voice overs. I would call it a cinema verte documentary on the potential of forming communities through legos.
Aimee said…
Why thank you! I thought it was brilliant as well. Are we filming this weekend?