Winnie Won

Sorry to spoil it for your, but Winnie/Tessa is the nation's newest most famous engaged person to the Bachelor from Ipenama. This is of course the only important show in the entire season and I missed all but the last five minutes of it due to social obligations. I saw him smile when he spotted WT coming down the aisle, I saw her Little Mermaid blue dress, I saw him get down on one knee and he asked her to marry him and she said yes and then I think he spun her around in a circle and nearly dropped her off the edge of the balcony into the water. Here he is trying to pick her up and almost toppling over b/c they weigh about the same:

Isn't this the dorkiest picture you've ever seen? It looks so awkward and painful for both of them. Anyway, I have no idea what he said to Bevin but I bet she faked a heart attack right after he told her she wasn't going to be his special lady. Tonight is the special "tell all" show so I'll watch that, and try to be a better show correspondent for one last time. I'm sorry, Jess! What happened??