Laughter is the best best best

Julie and I were talking today for awhile during work and she found something on the Web that she sent me as a link and I have not laughed that hard in a really, really, really long time (well, except for the other day when Liz almost made me pee). But I was crying, it was almost painful to laugh that much. And coincidentally, there's a line in Jazz, the Toni Morrison book I read for tomorrow's class, that's about laughter and how it is about the most serious thing in the world. I'll try to find the quote to put in here after my class today.

So Liz is moved in to her new air conditioned, windowy apartment on Wilder and she let me come over to do laundry and I did not bring her a present and I ate all of her food. But I am a friendly neighbor!

Jodie's coming for a visit tomorrow and I can't wait! I bought an air mattress at Target the other day so that she can have her own room (in the second whatever it is. Closet?). She may be surrounded by shoes and skirts, but she will not have to contend with Emma Carol in her face (unless she wants it). EC is forevermore known as The Licker, because she will not stop grooming you if you let her near you. It's not wholly unpleasant, but it's kind of gross and hurts slightly. I have a deep scratch on my arm that I got at some point yesterday--before bed? Seems like that's when it happened, if I remember correctly.

Here's a situation someone I know was in recently and I am wondering what the correct etiquette is in this particular scenario.

Scene: A date at a nice restaurant where the waiters wear ties and speak in low voices. The woman excuses herself to use the bathroom which is one of those single rooml unisex byob type bathrooms with a candle and low lights. And it really smells. Bad. And it's not her fault. She just has to do a little tinkle in a very ladylike and quiet fashion and that's it. So she does. And then she goes back out to the table and takes a seat and her date says, Okay, I'm going to go wash my hands now. What should she do to keep the date from thinking that she has just excused herself to go paint the bowl and then come back out and order penne pescadaro in a white wine sauce?

a). Blurt out, "It stinks in there! It wasn't me though!"

b). Grab his arm as he's getting up to go and say, "I have to tell you something really important before you wash your hands" and pray that she can stall him until either a different person goes into the bathroom or the smell has time to dissipate.

c). Other??


Liz said…
Interesting conundrum. You know how I feel about the "one-y" bathrooms. There is no room for them in civilized society, in my opinion.

Anyway - I think I would tell him that it stinks and it wasn't me. And I'd have to do it before - because after makes it seem like I've been sitting there thinking "what will I say if it seems like he noticed that horrible smell?". And even though it wasn't me he'd think it was. And then I'd start to believe it, too.
Anonymous said…
i would say, "take some matches."