It's my birthday for the next 40 minutes--still time to send gifts. I took today off from work, woke up late, and had 3 happy birthday messages on my phone already. I got dressed, packed boxes into my car for Amanda (she's moving on Saturday, good luck!) and drove to Penn's campus to have lunch with Amanda and Kelly. We went to White Dog, where Kelly had a ham and cheese sandwich for a mere $10. I miss my girls. Saw Amanda's office, then went to Urban Outfitters, despite the fact that I am now officially 300 years too old for that store. Pretended I wasn't and bought a pair of black flower earrings and a pink shirt ($4.99 on sale). Didn't get a pedicure as planned because I wasn't wearing flip-flops (long story). Drove to the new Circle Thrift by me and bought a new-used skirt and blue cashmere sweater for only $8.00. Came home and meant to take a nap, but instead, ended up playing Solitaire and answering email. Padhraig and his friend John picked me up, drove to Spring Garden, ate noodles at a Zagat recommended Chinese restaurant (lo mien for me, some weird chicken dish for P.), then on to the Electric Factory to see Arctic Monkey's--an excellent band starring four enthusiastic 15 year olds. Loved it--reminded me of when I was in high school or college and saw Violent Femmes, though maybe I dreamed that. Watched as kids tried to body surf across the audience. Did not wish I were one of them.

Thank you to all of my friends who made this a good birthday, including Celia and Irina who took me to lunch yesterday, gave me a bouquet of flowers and yummy bad magazines, and two very cute cards. And Kelly and Amanda who took me to lunch. Also, yeah for my work peeps who gave me a gift card to Qdoba's and chocolates. And thanks also to Padhraig who risked his life to buy me a scalped ticket to Arctic Monkeys.

Oh, okay, I just remembered why I called this post "Hooray!" It's because that's what Padhraig said when the band went on, Hooray! Hooray! He's so Irish.


Jenni said…
Happy Birthday!!! It was really nice reading through your post...thanks for sharing all these with us...have a great day and enjoy your spacial day!!!!
Ben said…
i just turned 32. so if i remember correctly, that would make you....hmmm let's see.....carry the one...adjust for inflation...Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
you are the best ever. i thought about you all day and wondered what fun were having. if you ever ever want someone to laugh with or to laugh at, please call, anytime.
-princess warrior w/out a prince
Hasana said…
So sorry I missed your b'day. I am glad you have such awesome friends, even when I am a bit less than awesome. If I were at Arctic Monkeys, I would have said, "oy, oy, oy, arriba, andale".
Mucho amor,