Discovery Health Channel is my new horrifying addiction

Okay, for the record, I cannot possibly get any more technology in my life. I went to Black N Brew this morning and realized I was packing the following: my laptop and 2 accompanying cords, my cell phone, and my iPod and it's two cords. Now all I need to do is strap on a camcorder, an electronic step measurer, and battery powered roller skates and I will be the world's best lightning target. Add to which I now have digital Internet and it becomes apparent that I need to stop buying things.

Spent most of the day with Liz and we laughed a lot--at one point, I laughed so much that I had to cross my legs and shout, Stop! at her. One of the things we were laughing about was her word "chuff" which stands for "chest muff" which is visibly puffing chest hair (most often, but not always, on men). We are quite mature. She took me to see her new apartment but the key wouldn't work so instead, we went to Chop Shop for a new haircut for her and bad magazine reading for me, then over to Tattoo Mom's for the best chicken sandwich in the city. Tonight, I am laying low instead of going out as planned. It's okay--one weekend night of debauchery is enough for me.

Anyway, I've taken a break from watching this show on Discovery Health about morbidly fat people. I mean, super fat. They can't walk or even get out of bed by themselves. It's unbelievably fascinating and scary. The show before that was about a teenager who had gastric by pass surgery and lost 300 plus pounds. They had to do any additional surgery after his dramatic weight loss in order to take off the excess skin which he then donated to the musculoskeletal foundation for burn victims. So, if this kid can have that kind of surgery, why can't these other people who have to get around on wheels? Is it a money thing? It must be.

So, aside from watching You Tube, what does one do with the Internet? I feel like I should take advantage of this techology by taking tutorials of some kind--improving my mind.

Oh, dear God, Richard Simmons just showed up in his short shorts on this show. He looks exactly the same as he did twenty years ago. "Does anybody want to sweat to the Oldies???" He's screaming in their faces. I can't watch.


Liz said…
I LOVE that you now have a label for "chuff" on your blog. Love it.

I was too lazy and uninspired to venture back out into the rain...hope you don't hate me for not calling.