Your Sexy Snowlion Valentine

Here is Ernesto in all of his cold glory this morning. He is so delicate. I was in New York this weekend for a conference and I believe it is even possible that the animals missed me. Henri surely did as he allows no one else to touch him.

Nearly everyone has skipped work today because of the icy snow and laziness. I am here after having spent 25 minutes de-icing the car.

Here are some things I saw at the conference in New York:

1. A KD Lang lesbian wearing a suit, white socks, shiny black shoes, and an exact replication of KD's Elvis without the sideburns, haircut.

2. A fat woman with a hook for a hand. She had the program clutched in it. She wasn't shy.

3. Thin, thin girl who in profile looked just like Julia Roberts except with sharper cheekbones and bangs. When she turned to look in my direction, I saw that she had a large gap between her two front teeth and little eyes. She did not stay for the full session.

4. Liz and I watched two hours of the Westminster Dog Show Monday night and could not stop exclaiming over all the dogs, each one cuter and fluffier than the last. I decided that although pugs are not my favorite breed, I could live with one. Liz doesn't mind little dogs in the same way that I do, and you can see how she has a point--many are like walking stuff animals. Apparently, an English Springer Spaniel won Best in Show.

5. Ingrid and I counted the times that this speaker from McGill said the word "right?." It was over a dozen. We are snobs.

I have a picture of the book cover that the publisher sent but I'm not sure if I like it. I may post it tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Clearly, Ernesto's cat genes evolved in a cold climate - his coat perfectly matches the back yard.
Ben said…
i thought you hate dogs
Aimee said…
I love dogs. You must be thinking of some other Amy person. If I wasn't stuck with all of these felines, I'd have a enough dogs to form a sled team.