All You Need R Cats

Shawn has created this lovely flowered picture of Emma Carol, the latest in a slew of cats that have descended into my life. Here she is in her natural, wild stumpy state. She has taken to grooming Ernesto and then fighting with him. Three cats are better than two. There is always something going on with 3 animals--most of centers around knocking things over.

I started reading this really exploitive book about Andrea Yates (the mentally disturbed mom who drowned her five children one at a time in the bathtub of her house). I can't say why I picked the book up, except that it seemed like the written equivalent of a Law and Order episode and I must have been in a slightly macabre mood. However, after reading about ten pages while waiting for the #3 bus last night, I decide that I don't need to continue, even if the writer is a semi-well respected journalist who has written for the NY Times and Two phrases struck me as incredibly bad:

*When the police officers first arrive on the scene, one of them is so disturbed that he thinks he's going to "hurl."

*At another moment, she writes something about the husband that's like "he already had a feeling that his day was going to suck, but he didn't think it would suck this bad."

I can't read a book that's about infanticide that also sounds like it was written by a teenager. Dude! She killed her kids!