Fear and Loathing

Good things today:

*I have a great office now on the other side of campus with two winodws that look out onto Broad Street. I don't think I've ever had an office with windows; not in my entire professional career.

*My hair is getting longer and I like it that way. I may start flipping it from side to side.

*I finished my manuscript and got it to the publisher on time. Plus, our VP announced the book thing at our all staff meeting on Friday and people have been complimenting me. I will not let it go to my (long-haired) head.

Bad things today:

*I really really really need to shave my legs and I r, r, r don't feel like doing it.

*Emma Carol (the cat) needs her stitches out and I don't feel like taking her in. Shawn thinks we can remove them ourselves and I disagree especially since her belly still looks sore and reddish.