Feel Free to Offer House Warming Gifts at Any Time

(**Please note that the image here is taken from a Flicker page which belongs to a woman named Emmaelina that you can view here).

So I've been packing boxes to move to a house in South Philly--two story, two bedroom, toilet in the basement (and on the second floor), ceiling fans, small backyard, new stove. I have a problem with packing; I can't leave it until the last week. I have to begin packing things the moment I know I'm moving. This means that though I'm not moving boxes until Thursday, I currently have squirrled away nearly everything except for one fork, a pair of socks, and the cats. There's something very satisfying about packing, in part because it forces me to get rid of things I never use or whose sentimental value I no longer recall, books I know I'll never read again (these are often the books I keep on my shelves to impress guests; novels like Sommerset M.'s Of Human Bondage which I have never read and never will; I also display all of the books from my graduate school African American literature class to illustrate how openminded I am. I hide away the less literary books such as anything by Stephen King or self-help paperbacks like, How to Figure Out Your Life Past the Age of 35 and Why You Should Probably Give Up).
I have discovered that because of combining households, I am short a few key things, which you should feel free to purchase for me at your earliest convenience:
*Kitchen table and chairs
*Nightstand (just need something next to the bed to rest my glasses and books and a lamp and the sound machine)
*Toaster (but let's be real. I toast things about once every two years)
*DVD player (though my laptop can play DVDs if I really must rent something)
*Lots of wine
*Washer and Dryer or drying rack (could ask Shawn for his)
*Outside furniture including small jacuzzi
*Coffee table since Shawn refuses to give me the one I bought because, he says, it matches the lounge so well even though he has another one and even though he will be moving the furniture from the lounge into the living room and so therefore will have no need for 2 of them
*Curtains or blinds (optional. Can become white trash and tape up old bedsheets, newspaper, or cardboard)
*Throw rugs for Henri to poop on
That's really it. I guarantee that I can find almost all of this stuff at Circle Thrift. Shawn bought a TV there on Sunday and he pointed out a portable dishwasher that was tempting...


Anonymous said…
this may seem incredibly insensitive but why are you moving? did you and shawn break up?
Aimee said…
Yes, we are breaking up.
Liz said…
Portable diswashers suck. Don't do it.
Anonymous said…
You can have back your kitchen table that I stole...but you have to come to Idaho to get it. I'll give you some wine, too. xoxo
Zena said…
i gave you a sleeping back, but took your lightstand, which i love. i am happy to send you some socks. zena