Ten days without blog feels like a decade

How have I survived without writing down the miniscule details of my life? Christmas has come and gone again and I am thankful not to have to hear the incessant sound of holiday music for another 8 months (since radio stations start playing Christmas music immediately after labor day). Among many other things, Mom got me a sewing machine and sewing scissors in a clean metal box. and I promise I will actually try to use it, even if only to make pillows. Shawn bought me a pair of really nice earrings I wanted when we went to the NABR Fishtown auction. He also gave me Amy Sedaris' book, I Like You and will be taking me to get a bra fitting in Manayunk since I don't think I've worn the right size brassiere since I got my first one in third grade (not really. It was sixth grade). I told Amanda about it and she said she went to the same place and warned me not to wear a bra I like to the fitting. When Amanda went, the fitter woman forced her to throw away her comfortable cotton bra and wouldn't let her fish it out of the garbage can.

I honestly don't have anything of interest to say. Just went to Circle Thrift and received a compliment on the earrings Shawn got me by some Main Line-looking girl. Many of the people who shop at CT appear to have mild to severe retardation. What does that say about me? One of the things I frequently think of when I'm there is what if you worked in a store and absolutely hated the sound of people pushing the hangers back? You would go crazy. It's not a sound I like and I can imagine that I would have to grit my teeth and tell the customers to be more quiet with the hangers.

Okay, I'm in Rocket Cat and there's a bearded, flannel shirt wearing hipster dude sitting next to me who is knitting something green. And he appears straight. Totally hot. Now he is going out to smoke a cigarette. His yarn is on the floor--oh, wait, he's not knitting, he's crocheting. Less hot. He's back in now and has run into some friends. His name is Patrick. All the little hipsters know each other. Most all of the girls have side ways fringe bangs and often wear pigtails and braids. The mean barrista has been very nice lately and in fact smiled once. I am sure it sucks to make bagles all day, particularly when you are somewhat captive. The other day when I was in here, some guy was asking her about her religious faith. She said, I'm an atheist. He said, But how can you live like that? I forget her answer, but I mean, that's none of his business and she can't escape him though she could throw scalding hot coffee in his face. I am suspicious that someone who works here does a daily Internet search for Rocket Cat and has read my blog and told her about it. Do I really think I have that much influence in the world? Yes, I do. Oh, God, she's wheeling her bike in right now. If someone does read this, are they puzzled trying to figure out which of the customers is writing this? If so, I am the nice quiet girl who tips well and does not have bangs or braids. I also don't wear tight-legged dark jeans or ride my bicycle to the coffee shop in a black knit hat. Now I've given myself away. P.S. Santa picture is courtesy of Shawn.


jodie said…
goddammit, Shawn! *I* bought "I Like You" for you. Back to the drawing board...
Aimee said…
Jodie!! One can never have too many copies of an Amy Sedaris book.

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