I'd Like to Offer Sincere Congratulations To Myself

Got a call on Tuesday afternoon from some woman with a soft Southern accent telling me that I won the Katherine Anne Porter literary prize for fiction. I was like, Oh, that sounds good. I thought she meant that one of my short stories won a prize. I send out work sporadically and so couldn't remember what I'd given them. She said, So your book of short stories will be published by the University of North Texas Press this fall and we'd also like to invite you to give a reading here. I get some prize money and royalties on every book sold. Please buy many, many and give them to your friends and neighbors. As well as entertaining reading, the book can serve as an excellent door stop. The other cool thing is tha I get to pick or suggest my own book cover. It has to be really, really good for all the shallow people like myself who actually do choose books based on their cover. Just an aside: what does the word "japed" mean?

I also get to choose a back cover photograph of myself. Nick Kelsh, a professional photographer we work with, has agreed to take the picture so now I'm investigating what other authors do. A few more ideas:


Anonymous said…
I think you should use the cover of "Man Hater" as inspiration of your back cover photograph. Hot! And I'm sure Nick would be excited. Yes! *kg
Liz said…
Holy shit. That's way cool, Aimee. I would like to come over and look through childhood photos to find that "perfect one" for an author pic. As for the front cover, need you even think beyond Fabio?
Ben said…
wow congrats/awesome/nice work/way to go/cheers. it's well deserved, of course. what's the title of the collection
Aimee said…
The title is Wonderful Girl. I really need a cover image. Otherwise, I'm afraid they'll do something really bad like putting flowers and ponies on the cover.
Ben said…
google image search yields the following images for "wonderful girl":







They all sort of remind me of you, each in its own way.