I Have Found Jesus

He was in my old shoebox.

I do not have an update for One Tree Hill because Carrie was over last night and we talked and talked. One of the things I did observe in passing is that it's difficult to distinguish the teenagers from the parents. Many times did I wonder why that one blond woman was walking down the hallway in the high school. I first assumed that she was there to attend a PTA meeting, but then she put on a cheerleading outfit and so I guess she's meant to be a student. Perhaps there was a plot line I missed where she was a high school drop-out who decided to pull her life back together at 30 and enrolled in high school. Or maybe she's an undercover cop posing as a student in order to bust the rampant popper problem at the school. I vaguely recall from this episode--oh, yes, now I remember! After replaying the ridiculous events from the final five minutes of last week's show, they opened with a scene from It's a Wonderful Life. For the rest of the time, Bobby or Chad or Tiger or whatever his name is--the kid who had the heart attack last week, walks around the town with an old dead friend (his father? his older brother?) who is there to show him what life would be like for everyone in town if he died. Here's the bestest, bestest part: the actor playing the dead character is a guy who never quite made it into the Brat Pack in the 80s. He was in one of my favorite movies, Some Kind of Wonderful and he played the bad guy. He might also have been in Lost Boys, but I'm not sure (I feel like every not-quite-Brat Packer was in Lost Boys). Oh, okay, I obviously haven't been watching the show, but according to IMDB, he was in 55 episodes of One Tree Hill. He had by far the worst sort-of-not-really moustache I've ever seen. It was very faint, like a five o'clock shadow, except only above his upper lip. It looked ridiculous.

Anyway, the whole show was about Chad seeing what life would be like if he were dead and listening to dumb cliches from Craig Sheffer. What would've been awesome is if everyone's life improved drastically after his death, but no, I believe they were all heartbroken, down to the bus driver who knew him in grade school. But, okay, the parallel between this show and It's a Wonderful Life doesn't quite work because the whole point of It's a Wonderful Life is that George (played by one of my favorite old time actors, Jimmy Stuart) thinks his life is worthless and that no one would miss him. He's actually standing on a ledge of a bridge in the beginning, ready to plunge to his death. Seeing what would happen to his family and friends and business partner if he were to die is what saves him because the central conflict is that he thinks he's worthless and the angel shows him that he's not. As far as I can tell from my three episode expertise, Chad has it pretty good and knows it. It's not like he's debating whether he wants to live or die. Right? So, what's the point in showing him how crappy the world would be if his heart gives out? I don't know what happened in the end, but he probably lived or came out of it suddenly while everyone from his high school was gathered around the hospital gurney. They may have mixed movies and had him look around in wonder, saying, "I had the strangest dream. And you were there. And you, and even Toto was there too!"