ohmigod look at the time

I have not been able to post all week because it's been busy, busy, busy here--I can't even believe it's Thursday already. My friend Tamara and I are going to eat out to support AIDS research tonight--at least I think that's what it's for--she arranged it. It could be against AIDS for all I know, just that we have an excuse to eat at a Steven Starr restaurant and not feel too guilty about it.

We had our house inspection yesterday with the same guy who said on our last report that the dishwasher looked fine (though there wasn't one) and then on this report wrote, "no info on dishwasher as one didn't exist," (though there actually was one in this place). $275, please.

The only thing I have time to say right now is that I saw Mickey Rooney on a news broadcast the other day and thought, Wait, isn't he dead? Is he? I also thought Elton John was dead for awhile because I kept hearing his songs and seeing his picture and then I realized it was not because he died, but because he's auctioning off tons of his ugly clothing to charity. Other people who may or may not be dead: Katherine Hepburn, Telly Sevalas (Kojak), that other detective guy with the squinty eye (not Barretta--I know he's alive b/c he's been accused of killing his wife and then acquitted), McKenzie Phillips, Courtney Love.*

*I know she's still alive, but she will most like OD within the year.