Crazy City Lady

I've realized recently that I talk to myself. Out loud. In public. And not just to grumble at cars racing through intersections or bikers whizzing by too close on sidewalks; not TO anyone, just a general thought that escapes my mouth, like I'll be thinking of something idiotic someone said and a "Whatever!" will pop out. Not loud, but if you happened to be looking at me from across the street, you would see my lips moving. I also occassionally laugh out loud. Walking home from the subway yesterday, I was thinking about a scene from the British version of The Office which we had rented the night before, and I laughed. And speaking of the subway, I was waiting for the train when a guy dressed in fairly normal clothes walked over to the pay phone, picked up the receiver, and started talking into it. I wasn't sure if he'd put coins into it or was making an actual call; it struck me as odd that anyone would elect to use a pay phone in the subway because trains roar by every three minutes. I peeked over at him and he was holding the ear part away from his head and speaking directly into the receiver without pause. From what I could hear, he was giving a long list of celebrity names, like this, "Courtney Love, Nicole Richie, Stephanie Zimbalist, Jack Johnson, Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts, Robert Duvall, DeNiro..." I didn't want to get too close or stare directly. The ironic thing about schizophrenics (if that's what he was) is that they can be under the impression that everyone is watching them and b/c they sometimes do act strangely, this is often true.


Lara said…
I just want to tell you that your earlier fear of Tori Spelling ending up on TV has come true. I saw about 15 horrible minutes of her on a show on VH1 calle "NoTORIous" The woman from the 70s show "WKRP" plays her mother! Yikes!
Aimee said…
I know!! It's the end of the world. I was actually thinking about her this morning for some reason, wondering if I was giving her a bad rap and maybe she's actually a very talented actress (she was okay in that one movie with Parker Posey). Then I decided that no, she's just basically a lucky girl.