What Made Me Happy Today

The elementary school crossing guard waved to me as I drove by. I've been wondering if she recognizes my car since I pass her at about the same time each morning, but have never had any contact with her personally and don't have a kid to offer up for street crossing. During the holidays, I saw her more than once being handed gifts by parents and kids. I understand why. I felt like pulling over and saying, Thanks for noticing me.

The other thing that is making me buzz with happiness is that I fulfilled one of my most pressing new year's resolutions: FANJ. Nothing has been signed or sealed or delivered but I was given the thumbs up, nudge-nudge wink-wink yesterday. I hear angels singing. What will life be like after this? I'm thinking about making a powerpoint presentation to illustrate my main reasons for even looking. They love the powerpoint. They worship it. If I could figure out how to put my reasons in a chart or percentages, that would put me even more on their wave length.

I have ruined another Sim family by forcing them to have too many babies. Babies are not part of this particular couple's lifetime goals (they both want to be professional partiers), but I really wanted them to have a girl. Now they have babies all over the place and are sick of them. Shawn suggested killing a kid off, but they don't let babies die in the game. If you neglect the kid, social services will take it away. I promise you that I'm also doing some writing before I'l allowed to play the game. I sent my short story collection out to 3 different contests yesterday so I promise I'm not being a total game head.

I think I may look like a maitre de today. I'm wearing a black blouse with ruffles on it. I'm afraid one of my co workers may approach me and say, "Table for two, please."


Anonymous said…
i'll take the roast duck and a spinach salad to start, what whine do you recomend?