New Years Resolution List*

Write, write, write, write every day either here or on the walls in the bathroom at work or in the morning when I’m still groggy or at night for just a little bit before Law & Order.

Gym 3 times a week. Speaking of the gym, my friend Jodie was in this weekend for NYE and we went to the gym on Sunday night. She didn’t have any sneakers and so wore clogs. No one seemed to notice. After the cardio, we went over to where you can lay on the mats and stared at those AB helpers you see on late night TV. We couldn’t figure out how to use them. Cute gym trainer boy was around and we called him over. He lay down on the mat in his camouflage pants and white tank top and demonstrated. I believe I impressed him later by doing 5 of them in a row.

Drink more boring stupid dumb boring water.

Learn to cook (this will never happen, but I put it on my list every single year. This past year, I made about one new dish. It had pasta in it. I think it was really just pasta with some vegetables thrown in).

F.A.N.J. That is my secret one that only my friends might get or maybe not, maybe it’s obvious.

More later. I just wanted to be sure to met one of my resolutions for today.

*I will keep approximately 25% of these for an average of six days, and then about ½ of ½ of one for the rest of the year. Probably the one about drinking water, but maybe not.


Karin said…
Yay! You're back!

Your resolutions sound exactly like mine.

Try green tea instead of water. It's less boring.
Anonymous said…
I just figured out FANJ. It took me a few minutes of concentrating really really hard. Once I got it I felt very proud. Is that un-cool?
Aimee said…
That is not uncool at all--i just hope only my friends like you get it.