The Cutest Little Reality Show in the World

That would have to be Beauty and the Geek. Shawn and I accidentally caught last week's first episode premiere on Wed. and were thrilled to learn that the second show was on last night. If you don't already know, the premise is that you have a really pretty girl (often blond) and a really dorky guy with no flirtation skills (for instance, one guy is a Dungeon Master) and they team up to compete against each other for $250,000. The geeky guys are challenged by having to participate in social activites and the girls are challenged by having to learn who our last president was. The show does nothing to counter the dumb blond or the nerdy smart guy stereotypes, but there's a certain innocence about it that's absent from something like The Bachelor or My Big Fat Greek fiance. Maybe I just have a thing for dorky guys. None of them are super ugly--they all have potential. The girls are sweet too, though dumb. One girl identified a photo of John Kerry as Al Gore, for instance. My favorite guy got kicked off last night, the only one who doesn't wear glasses and looks kind of like a young Tom Cruise if you squint both eyes to blur your vision. He lost because his partner said that the capital of Iraq ("could you spell that please?) was Afghanistan and because he could only name one of the three members of Destiny's Child (see, the girls get the "hard" political questions and the guys get the pop culture challenges). We hate the Groucho Marx looking guy with the wiry hair and bushy eyebrows--he's power hungre. We love the blond chick with the huge boobs who looks like Cameron Diaz. Throughout the entire show, we both just kept going, "Awwwww!!" The best was at the very end where they showed a slow motion montage of the time that the couple who got kicked off spent together. Since they only met each other the day before, the clips were like the first time Brandon introduced himself, the karaoke competition, and then like the last hug they gave each other. Both said things like, "I've really grown through this experience. What's her/his name is a great person with a wonderful spirit." My new favorite will be Wes, because when he takes his glasses off, he's almost not quite sort of hot.


Karin said…
I think I saw Wes when I was flipping through the channels the other night. I thought, "He's not such a geek," but then he made a strange facial expression, I was reminded that looks alone don't make the man.

I have gotten into American Idol. My favorite part was when the transexual kid came on and seemed shocked when they thought he was a girl.

(I posted a photo of your painting of Gretel on my blog!)