I can't write, talk, eat, sleep, go to the bathroom right now because I'm playing Sims II

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse--just when you thought that Sims can only be just a dark phase in a person's life, an addiction best left behind in State College, particularly when one now lives in a metropolis where live music, dancing, magicians, surround sound movie theatries, jugglers, and bars abound--that's when a person might possibly purchase a laptop and then maybe one might have an evil/great/wonderful/horrible/awesome friend named Julie who sends via express mail the new Sims II, and then what could possibly happen is a person mightd never, ever again hear a word her boyfriend says even though he's sitting on the couch ten feet from the laptop where the little Sims people are going about in their daily lives, striving to be fulfilled and happy while one's own stomach growls, hair becomes greasy, real life friendships dwindle to nothing, and boyfriend's announcement of where he'll be all weekend is lost in the engrossing task of making sure the Sim, Greta, doesn't get too fat from reading books all day and eating macaroni and cheese and pancakes (that's all she wants to do for some reason). Help. Help. Help. Or at least let me borrow someone's Nightlife expansion pack.


Karin said…
You can make Greta go to see live music, go dancing, see magicians, etc., can't you? That way she can just tell you about it.

But then, again, I'd prefer to eat macaroni and pancakes all day, too, if I could.

The only thing that keeps me from sitting in front of a computer the ENTIRE day is that my eyes become really dysfunctional. Then I start to get head and neck aches and I get really bitchy. So rather than ignore my boyfriend when he talks to me, instead I growl at him to 'shut the fuck up'.