Fear of floods and fire

Post apocalyptic dreams last night, topped off by the smoke alarm beeping to wake me up and the dog going into PTSD afterwards, shivering for ten minutes as he crawled onto our pillow. I dreamed that an old friend of mine and his wife were having marital troubles and he was stalking her, and so we were trying to protect her, but then we realized that the sea level was rising quickly, and he got swallowed up whole by a giant fish. We had to gather our family to escape as we watched the water creep forward to envelope the condo we were in, and it was filled with more huge sharks and other creatures who wanted to eat us. We got into the car and started to drive away, but the threat was that we would have to keep moving to higher and higher ground, because we were going to be inevitably swallowed up by water. My social worker friend at work has informed me dreams of being overtaken by water have to do with something you're not dealing with in your life. I am sure there are many things I should face more readily.

However, I've been reading the "best of" mystery series right before bed, so that's part of the problem. The dream also comes on the heels of a bunch of news stories about Trump's antagonism and conflicts of interest with countries who have a growing stockpile of nuclear weapons. I truly think that this could be the end of the world, and that we will get nuked by Iran or Korea or China. Actually, New York or DC will get nuked, and so we might sort of be destroyed, but not totally. Maybe we would die slowly of radiation poisoning over the next several years. Does the Trump Tower have a bomb shelter?  I keep thinking how we take so much for granted, and worry about such bullshit, when we should be happy we're not living in Aleppo at this moment.

Maybe I should become a survivalist and begin stockpiling batteries and canned goods.   Maybe the people we collectively classify as nut jobs who have bomb shelters are on to something.  They can start over, like the surviving humans in The Walking Dead. Or maybe this is all showmanship and this PE has no intention of causing damage, but I would say that because he has a personality disorder of some kind (most likely narcissism), he will only become more out of touch with reality and less inclined to consider the consequences of his words and actions as his power grows.

To recap: we have elected a man whose wife cribbed a speech from the current first lady, who jokes about shooting someone on the street and still getting elected, who mocks disabled people, who brags about sexually assaulting women, who says his daughter is hot, who recommends that gun activists might influence the election by shooting the other candidate, who communicates policy via social media, who brags about not ever having read a book or sent an email, who attacks celebrities and college students and anyone else who opposes him, who lies repeatedly and bigly (as he would say), who has no experience in office, who refuses to release his taxes to reveal potential conflicts of interest, who opposes regulation because it might get in the way of business practices, who has selected people to surround him who are affiliated with white supremacy, who constantly reinforces negative stereotypes about minorities and women, who may or may not have made promises to a Russian leader in exchange for influencing the election, who constantly undermines institutions meant to protect our country, and who will use any opportunity for personal financial benefit. That's the list I can come up with off the top of my head.

I would like to see someone come up with a list of like offenses about Hillary Clinton. Not her husband, who is not running for office, but Hillary.  And one of those things cannot be that she stood by her man while he cheated on her, sorry. That does not make her unfit for office. Something else, beyond the abuse of email, which if you're working in an office and send even one personal email from a work computer, you are doing too. Not that it's okay to do this, most especially if you're in public office. But I've yet to hear a compelling argument that the two candidates are equivalent in their transgressions. Clinton is a career politician, and that comes with all the good and the bad of such a role. For me, the fact that she understands the political landscape is a bonus, not a detriment, most particularly when you compare her to Donald, who believes he doesn't need to know what's happening in the world to understand it.

Also, because it's the holiday season, I keep thinking how we act as if the U.S. President is Santa Claus, or Jesus, or someone who is supposed to fix everything around us and who is the cause of all the ills of the country. The president has limited powers. S/he cannot fix or destroy everything. Whatever you happen to love or hate about Obama or Clinton or Trump, they are not the sole gift givers or gift taker-away-ers.  At least I hope this proves true with Donald, because he is a Scrooge way more than he is a Santa Claus.