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I find it utterly infuriating that we have so little information from the PE that half the articles written about him are supposition, based on previous positions while still using the caveat that he is likely to change his mind. Sentences like, "He said he was going to repeal Obamacare, but then he softened on it, but now he's appointing people who want to do away with it, but yesterday he said he believes all Americans should have health care, but an hour later, he gave a thumbs up to a private organization meant to review policies, but today, he's saying he'll let us know in another week or so."  That's firstly. Secondly, it is fucking unacceptable that the PE refuses to live in DC and, thirdly, it's ridiculous and embarrassing that he also claims to be smart enough not to need daily security briefings. "They'll come to me if something's up," is basically what he told a reporter on Fox News (see--I have been trying to get outside of my bubble).

DO your job. That is your job. You may have to go to meetings you don't want to attend. You are not a king, you're now a politician, which is what you said you wanted to be.  And guess what? A lot of that shit will be boring. But that's too bad, because you are an elected official to the highest office we have, and now, you have to do things you don't want to do. Or else leave office. That's the deal, dude.

Many like to give him credit for having this underlying secret plan that we're just not yet aware of, but I suspect it's more like a scattershot approach based on his mood and who he likes or who he's mad at, and also based on an understandable lack of knowledge about what he's dealing with. He's not a stupid person, so while it's not ideal or even really acceptable that he needs to know more about the intricacies of foreign policy, it's comprehensible because these things are deep and complicated and unclear. But he needs to try to understand it before making any rash moves, and that's where he's dangerous. I don't think he is premeditated, and that's okay, if you're dealing with a TV show and gambling only with ratings, but it is decidedly not okay if you are making decisions that can lead to nuclear disaster.

I hear planes fly close to our house now and I think, Is that someone getting ready to drop a bomb? Am I wrong in thinking that diplomacy is a delicate balance that requires a careful touch? I confess I didn't pay that much attention in world history class, though I had an awesome history teacher (Mr. O'Donnell, a bearded man who used to dress up in costumes to get us excited about the Vikings or Hannibal the elephant guy), but I am pretty sure you aren't supposed to make impulsive decisions with countries who have been fighting for centuries.