Dreaming of a Non-White Man Christmas

I gave up the news for about two weeks after the election because I couldn't stomach it and didn't want to see his gloating orange face on TV, spreading more fear and mistrust every time he speaks. I have since let the news back in a little at a time, and am trying to do what someone recommended recently; to get out of our bubbles of news and try to listen to other points of view. I've attempted that too, though maybe not as much as I should. I am trying to watch Fox News or to at least pay attention to voices of those who are happy to have Trump as president, so I can understand why and maybe find a point of connection. But then I'll read about him bad-mouthing a union rep or giving a rally where he makes the idea of using gender neutral pronouns seem like a joke (at his rally yesterday, he pointed out that he was named "Man of the Year" not "Person of the Year," making the point that inclusion is for nasty women only), and then I turn sour again. 
I've also been reading a lot about how liberals are too polite and need to be more like him and employ similar tactics by raging instead of disagreeing. No one has said we should start telling outright lies, but it seems that you have to inflammatory to be heard. I've thought a little bit about what lies I could try to spread about him--like the one his former staffer told about Clinton that almost got people shot in the pizza parlor this week--but it's hard to stretch the imagination to something more outrageous than what he's actually doing. Something about his teeny, tiny micro penis? But that's juvenile, right? (And probably true anyway). And, more importantly, it doesn't feel good to get mean. It feels ugly. Is there some way to fight back that doesn't lower you to the status of an internet troll? I've had maybe one unhappy exchange with a Trump supporter on Twitter who didn't like what I wrote, but she wasn't mean, and I still didn't like it. 
I'm afraid too. I'm afraid to hurt someone's feelings or to misunderstand what someone means or to be perceived as a jerk. And I'm afraid of hateful responses, because I also don't want to get hurt. Maybe Twitter should shut down for a week or two. Could they do that? Could they force the PE to speak to reporters instead of broadcasting via social media platforms in short, hateful bursts? 
The victory tour rallies he's holding across the country feel more like a continued push to splinter the country and reinforce rhetoric of dissension against anyone who believes in equality measures, justice, or the use of non-gendered language. And now today, you have more of the same with him blasting the CIA for even suggesting Russia was involved in the election, despite mounting evidence that Russia's interference most certainly had an impact on voting. I hesitate to hope that an investigation could delay his inauguration or impact his nomination, but it would make sense given that he won the electoral colleges by a slim margin. Would they really consider doing another election? Something is rotten in Putin land. Can't they force him to release his taxes so that we can see what his ties are to other countries or governments? Someone must know. Please tell.