Countdown to nuclear detonation

Every day, I wake up and read The Washington Post and go, "Are you high?" I'm not asking myself, I know that I am not high, but whenever I read the new strange thing DT has done, and I think he must be on some kind of drugs. Cocaine is my guess. Can you imagine what it must be like to work on his communications team? You would have to find yourself lying on a daily basis to try to change the meaning of whatever tweet he has sent at 2 a.m. Last week, it was something about re-starting the arms race with Russia.

His staff then has to scramble to revise the message so that it's less threatening and crazy. KAC (Kelly Anne Conway) has to say things like, "He's not saying that he wants to start competing with Russia and other countries with nuclear arms, but that he wants to be sure that other countries are on warning that they shouldn't start building more weapons." Huh? Also, why? Why is he saying this? It's not in response to anything tangible; it's a reaction he's having to something he read on a social media post or something he's constructed in his mind. Or maybe I am high? Did I go back in time to the Reagan era, where seventh grade me, having just watched people's faces melt off in the post-apocalyptic movie The Day After, wrote a letter to then-President Reagan, begging him not to launch any missiles? And was I slightly confused between watching that movie and listening to Billy Joel's The Nylon Curtain, rampant with songs about the horrors of the Vietnam War ("Remember Charlie/Remember Baker/They left their childhoods/On every acre"), so that I assumed we were still in the middle of a conflict in foreign lands?

What rational person would want to restart an arms race? Is this the same person who claimed that the F1-18 fighter jet cost too much money to produce? Or wait, that was last week and last week doesn't count because now we're in this week. So sayeth the person with the attention span of gnat.

The other reasons it's not okay to be flippant and unclear with your statements (if you are a rationally thinking person) is because you must know that not everyone who reads or hears such things is going to assume you're mostly full of shit. They may not understand that PE is a former reality TV host with no real-world experience in politics, nor should we expect them to give him a pass. Instead, we should always assume that they are going to take him at his literal word (he has no nuance). They don't owe him the benefit of the doubt. Nor do we, though we're being forced to imagine that he can't possibly mean what it sounds like he's saying more than half the time. Does KAC plan on calling every foreign leader every time Trump devises a new way to alarm the world?