The Men Tell Nothing

We start the show with ten minutes of commercials for the next show, Bachelor in Paradise, starring Chad. After that, I'm certain we will find out what went on behind the scenes, except that we already know. Chad has a great agent and has found a niche that he can ride through at least ten more tabloid magazines.

As an aside, doesn't the model on the cover to your left look like Katie Holmes.

We are reintroduced to a bunch of contestants we don't remember at all. Limp yells for ED and everybody seems to love James Taylor and Chase. The crowd goes wild. The crowd of 14 year old girls, I should clarify.

Evan gets to say the first thing about how he couldn't speak when getting out of the limo to meet JoJo. "Alls I could say is 'God Bless America.'" Here's us looking back at what happened. The whole show is like that. The men like to use the phrase "bitch" to insult one another. Nick has been coached to speak up as much as possible. Wells explains that Alex has spent his life in conflict and so that's why he doesn't know how to behave. Luke reminds everyone that he was also in the military but didn't decide to act like a clown and try to fight everyone in the room. Again the phrase "insecure bitch." Someone else says they are all clowns. I say they are all trying really hard to get air time.

They show a shot of Chad eating meat in the green room. I'm telling you, this man has a great agent and publicist. We must watch several flashbacks of him misbehaving and shoving ED guy around. ED uses this as an opportunity to do another PSA about steroid abuse.

I wonder when we'll find out that he's really a stand up comedian going undercover.  He has too much facial hair, but I sort of agree with him that most of the guys are phonies who are trying to make it on TV. Chad explains that they all left their girlfriends to be on the show. He says that he's not going to marry them in three weeks. Nick stands up and takes off his jacket to beat him up. Chad goes, "You trying to get air time, dude?" Exactly!

The men attack him and Chad tells him not to be scared by words and to grow up. He almost sounds reasonable. He is saying that the men are fame seekers, but really, I guess you would have to ask him why he applied for the show. Was he not also just as guilty of wanting to be in the public eye, and isn't he doing everything he can to keep it?

 Here are some puppies:

Dan doesn't like the guys on the stage who are sitting with their legs crossed.  I have no preference. The thing I mostly don't like about Chad is that he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine--not attitude-wise, but the way he looks.

I don't think I can blog through this any more. I'm sitting with a laptop on me and it's too damn hot.