The Journey so FAR?

It's only been like four episodes. I am sorry, but I don't think I want to watch an hour of recaps and re-runs of a show that already is based 40% on recaps and previews. And fake Southern accents. And little tiny doll teeth. We've seen it all already. This is the cheapest, worst trick I've ever seen on a show that I didn't think could go much lower. Okay, let me guess, it will be ten minutes of the replay of meeting the guys again (even the ones who have already been kicked off) and then it'll be the most embarrassing moments, like the guy who jumped into the pool, and then it will be all the kisses thus far. And then there will be some scenes of the guys stripping and taking their shirts off, and then the soccer or basketball game or whatever they played. The narrator is not even Chris Harrison, it's some other guy who sounds like is other job is the movie previews, like, "Coming this summer..."

Here's how Andi looks on the night she meets the guys:

Here's how she looked when she was trying to be all down home and Southern:

And this is her face when that drunk guy in the white sneakers jumped into the pool:

Here's Cody in every scene:

And finally, here is my face as I change the channel, mirroring the faces of the guys when they lost the nonsense basketball game: