The Unattainable

We've been talking for the last several months about getting a dog, so much so that a part of me thought that maybe one would appear at Christmas, and when that didn't happen, I thought maybe it would occur on my birthday last week. No dice. Anyone who knows me for more than five minutes understands that I love animals, and especially dogs and cats, and then anyone who knows me for more than fifteen minutes learns that I miss my cats, who are now under the constant care and supervision of my mom back in Philadelphia.

I never had a pet growing up, unless you count fish, and I don't. To me, animals you can't pet or interact with are non-pets. Real fish are 1,000 times worse than say a stuffed pretend fish, because they require care and they appear to be trapped in these small containers and they don't interact and then they die, sometimes in dramatic suicide- like events where they throw themselves out of the tank, and you find them later, when you step on their dried up bodies and crack them in half. So, no thank you on the fish.

Cats are infinitely more engaging and, depending on the cat, they at least seem to notice that you exist, and will even run over and say hello when you walk in. But you can't really take a cat with you in the car and let it hang out the window, or take the cat on a hike or a bike ride or whatever, whereas dogs want to be your companions and they seem to really be into you. Maybe I would hate owning a dog. I can immediately become sad in thinking about having a dog and then having it for fifteen years and then having to put the dog down. That's where my mind goes. I think the act of buying a dog is sort of like telling the universe that you embrace heartache, you relish it, you are aware that this will only end in tears. But along the way, imagine how much fun you could have. ]

The breed I'm currently interest in is the Wheaten Terrier, because they are hypoallergenic, smart, and not crazily expensive like some of these golden doodles. And also, look at that face.