More Ireland Photos

These are courtesy of Instagram. I didn't use my phone as much as my camera, in large part because I was on the wireless plan to avoid additional costs and there wasn't always a signal. Also, I can of prefer an actual camera to the phone. It feels more authentic.

Here are the remaining photos. Dan has some too, but neither one of us can figure out how to get them off his phone to my email. These are pretty much in no particular order and/or backwards from  a chronological perspective of the trip.

Dan in the bathroom at the Butler in Kilkenny, filling up the electric tea kettle.

Breakfast was included in the cost of the hotel, and had a hot and cold portion. Here is where Dan fell off his no-gluten diet and at an entire raisin scone with jelly (pictured in background)

In one of the rooms--not sure why Dan has made the puffer fish face.

The back of the cabbie's head from the Manchester Airport into the city.

Tea and poppyseed banana cake with white chocolate toothpicks on the side at Teacup.

Irish countryside from train.

Dan at fancy dinner in Dublin with French fries.
Padhraig and something or other.

My dinner--very good cheese pasta dish that Carrie and I both ordered. This was Dan's birthday dinner.

And now we're totally backwards, because this is in the Dublin Airport as we waited for our flight to Manchester on Monday morning. The guys getting ready to board a plane to Lisbon had a few pints pre-9AM.

Breakfast. Yogurt in three different cups.

At the film festival in Kilkenny.

Crappy breakfast place in Manchester where the only thing they had for Dan to eat was an orange. The woman gave it to him for free.

At the barber shop in Kilkenny. The barber mostly complained about how there was nothing to do around town.

Baby and dad eating pasta.

Getting ready for bed, maybe?

Don't know.

Dan at the Manchester Art Gallery--loved this place.

Part of the exhibits.

The hanging man in the staircases at the museum.

On train?

At the airport.

This was one of the many incredibly delicious desserts I had---meringue with lemon pie inside and melting vanilla ice cream. I believe this was at Zunis, a restaurant recommended by one of Padhraig's sister's friends, if that matters at all to you. 

I always felt I should order the porridge.

We returned to Dublin to become a part of a street protest, however briefly.

These photos are really totally out of order. This is the outdoor Christams festival in Manchester.

One of hte many cappuccino's I had.

Dan's rose tea, with a drawing of the rose tea pot in the background as well.

In Manchester at Teacup the second day. Lots of drama in the back ground--a man arguing on the phone, a woman picking up her crying baby, and the waitress hurrying away to get our cake. She was nice and remembered us from the day before.

These are the timers you get for your tea---three minutes, four minutes, five minutes.

I believe this was toward the beginning of our trip, prior to Dan's haircut.


Dan warming his hands by the fire. This was dinner the last night in Kilkenny at a place called either Toulouse or La Trec,

On the Dublin railway on the return to Dublin.

On the way out of Dublin.

And then at the Velvet, we were asked if we wanted the paper in the morning. I said yes, never knowing that it would be an extra 50 pounds or whatever it was.

One of the stops.

This is one of Dan's photos that I was able to get off his Facebook page. This is me, obsessively checking my phone to be sure it's charged, waiting at Newark Airport for the train into Trenton.

And here is Carrie blowing kisses to Seamus...

And Seamus' prompt response...


PinkPanthress said…
Just looking at the yummy food pics makes me want to diet... ;)
And Seamus looks like a really lovely kid!