Favorite Christmas Gifts as a Child

I couldn't really tell you if the gifts listed below were truly my favorite ones, or if they're just the presents I happen to remember most vividly, or if they were the ones that I recall from photographs. I have a terrible memory, so there may be dozens of other presents I'm blocking out.

I do know that I got a doll for Christmas every year, and they were always really good dolls (except for that one year when Baby Alive was popular. I liked her okay, but she was also one of the only dolls I had that pooped and peed and I just didn't see the point of having toy you had to take care of in that way. Do dolls poop now? Perhaps that was just a fad?). Anyway, over the years, I got several Madame Alexander dolls, but the one I remember most vividly was the baby doll. She cried when you turned her over and she smelled good--not like a real baby, mostly like plastic, but in a good way, and she wore a very pretty white christening gown with pink ribbons and miniature buttons. I named her Elizabeth. I still have her. She's in the little bedroom right now.

Then another one I really liked was this Richard Scarry toy hospital (see below). Now that I see it again, it was really a simple grid, but I loved it. Look how cute the rabbit patient is! Her name was Flossie, I think.More later. Have to run!