A Holiday Miracle

Not really. But I've had the same item returned to me twice this month, one of great value, one that impacts me on a daily basis: my city SEPTA pass. Last Tuesday, I ran out of class to catch the train and discovered I didn't have it. A few days later, my teacher emailed everyone to let us know she found the pass. I got it back yesterday, after only a three day/$20 loss. Then today, I got to my stop at Snyder and realized the pass was gone again, even though I remembered putting it in my pocket when I walked out of the house. I retraced my steps all the way back to my house, didn't find it, started back to the subway and checked between the cars, and there it was, forlorn. I want to make something more of this about the universe giving back or perseverance in searching for lost things, but I don't know if there isn't maybe just a simpler lesson, which is that I need to keep hold of the damn thing and quit putting it in my coat pocket where it can flutter away.

And now, a picture of my favorite cat. He lives in a plumber's business office and is usually sitting in the window when I pass by in the morning. He has one blue eye and one green eye and a ringed tail like a raccoon. If I tap on the glass, he jumps at my hand and will go racing after it if I trail it along the windows. At night, he's usually curled up in the front window and I always wake him up. I went into the store the other day, just to pet him and met a bunch of S. Philly guys. They were eating pizza and told me that another girl had come in to pet the cat too. His name is Duke. He's already earned his keep from catching three mice so far.