Racism Still Thriving in South Philadelphia

On my way home from the gym, saw this white lady lean out of her car and scream, "Watch it, you dumb Chink!" because the other driver didn't let the screamer go when it wasn't her turn. I thought briefly about stopping and asking the crazed woman if she was on her way to the hospital or like the police station--because otherwise, why is it so important that you get to go first at a four way stop? Where was she racing to? Acme? I believe they're open late. And what was amazing about this was that the slur was just right there--right at that second, totally accessible to her which suggests that she has perhaps used it before.

Here is my new favorite website: Project Rant. They make videos from real posts they find on Craig's list. The one I just watched was called "To the Guy who Farted in Queen Soopers." Since I just bought a Flip camera that I don't need, I have to come up ways to use it, aside from filming the cats who don't really do anything interesting. Please send ideas.