Crazy Time

I missed the show on Monday b/c of my class, but luckily, they are replaying it tonight and I have no social life. How about if we just end the show right now and let her end up with Roberto. We love Roberto. Robert can speak 17 languages, but, mostly importantly, he speaks the language of la amor or el amore or ove-lay. They have the first one-on-one date and must take a helicopter to a skyscraper and then walk across a tight-rope to have a cheesy dinner on a rooftop and then end up a tent? Who put this date together, Evel Knievel? Aw, but the cutest thing is that they have their first kiss while floating in mid air, possibly about to tumble to their deaths. Together.

I want to like Frank, but he can't make up his mind if he should or shouldn't wear his glasses. I would say shouldn't, but without them, he has the pinched squinty look of someone who really should put his specs on.

Group date. Lots of hair gel and crappy t-shirts. OMG, the Bare Naked Ladies have shown up underneath an overpass. Who is their agent? Now, they are all awkwardly dancing and flexing their muscles in a parking lot. I count 5 pairs of sungalsses, four of which are on the tops of the guys heads. Three Lance Armstrong bracelets and counting. Not a one of them has shaved and they all have these Party of Five half face shadows (including Ali). The song they will be shooting the video to is called, "Please Run Away." How apropos.

Damn, I wrote mjore of this post during the show, but it disappeared. I cannot possibly recap. Suffice it to say, everyone hates Justin, the Weatherman cries, Ali sends home the guy with the huge ears, as well as the curly-haired buttonhook who couldn't open up a bottle of champagne and made her sit on the concrete.

But here's a little something for you. This is what happens when you try to make these things on your own.