Friday photos, a little late

A little late in putting these photos up. But look at these two charming boxers, ready to rip your head off if you come any closer to the window.

I liked the artistic arrangement of these flowers. I could never have this in my house because the cats would knock them over and roll in the dirt in about 14 seconds.

What's not to like here?

White cat = good luck, plus she's wearing a pink collar = extra good luck. You'll notice a blur in the picture. This is from the yogurt I was carrying in my bag.

A Gothic yard in the middle of South Philadelphia.


Fish art and tear drops.

This my view when I walk across the Walnut Street bridge on my way to Penn on a foggy morning.

Four Virgin Mary's in a row. The first sign of the Apocolypse.

I like this door, though it also remindsme of a penitentiary.

The Owl (made of seashells) and the pussycat.

Greek architecture.

I love the colors of this door and the giant door knocker.