The Mess Known as The Bachelor

Hi, yes, I know that it has been weeks and weeks and that I haven't said anything about the big Bachelor debacle; have needed time to process it completely, I suppose. I feel negligent about not doing the real time blogging during the last three episodes, but I'm teaching that class Monday nights and so it wasn't feasible. AND the next class starts almost immediately following the one I'm teaching now and it's also on Mondays. BUT (how about if I just start capitalizing every first letter in each sentence?) we did move the time of the class so it runs now from 6:30-8 p.m. which means if I take a cab, I can be home by 8:15, thereby only missing the previous episodes recaps. How does that sound?

In any case, for those of you who don't waste their lives on reality television of this sort, what happened was that Jason (Ty's baby-daddy) asked Melissa (the Dallas cowboy cheerleader and the one I liked the best ) to marry him. She squealed and twirled in her banana yellow prom dress and said, Yes, ABSOLUTELY I will marry you!!! The delight lasted a mere five minutes in commercial breaks as we were told that the wrap up show After the Final Rose was so dramatic that it wasn't taped in front of a live studio audience. Part of me kind of hoped that someone had died. No such luck. Instead, it was Jason breaking up with Melissa because he was still in love with Molly of the large jaw and bobblehead. Melissa didn't handle it well, saying something like, "I hate you and I hate your fat face!"(If you can name the move that line comes from, you win $100). It's not like it was a total surprise, because when Jason said goodbye to Molly in the season finale (part 1), he ended up sobbing and vomiting over the side of a building. Then they brought out Molly who was poised and didn't comment on the fact that there was not one single person in the audience. I kind of feel like maybe she suspected something was up. Anyway, so Jason came out and asked her to go for coffee and she said okay. The following week, they aired After the After Finale Rose Ceremony (part 3) wherein Molly and Jason came back as a couple. I got confused because all of it is presented kind of as being in real time but it's not, so there's something like 6 weeks that have actually happened between shows so like Melissa and Jason's short relationship happened over Christmas but now Molly and Jason have been together for two years. I don't know. Anyway, the new Bachelorette will be Jillian, the Canadian we love because she pronounces again like "a-gain."

I'll try to be better about blogging but now that my work day starts later, it's harder to get to for some reason.


Liz said…
If you're referring to Waiting for Guffman, I always thought the quote was: "I hate you and your ASS face". Either way, it's still one of the best movies evah.
Aimee said…
Oh, you're right! I like ASS better.