Photos for Tuesday

The four windows to follow were all photographed last night on Morris Street...The houses are almost all right next to each other. I imagine that one person made this elaborate Easter window with lights and then the person next door was like, "Well, you're not going to show me up like you tried to do on St. Patty's Day..." And so then he made his window light up even brighter and the next one did the same, etc.

I'm a little weirded out by the bunny in the photo below because the carrot has a certain phallic-like appearance that makes me uncomfortable.

So sweet when bunnies kiss.

And in this one, they went all out and hence, it's raining Easter, y'all!
Tuxedo kitty in the window wants your blood.

Philly mural off of Broad Street.

The Stepford bunnies all in a row.

Jesus and Mary flanked by dapper chocolate bunnies.

I love glitter pants on a rabbit.

I appreciate the whimsical symmetry here. This is a house I would like to visit.

And this is not my taste, a little too Victorian, but still nice.

Random ice skate.

My favorite, favorite photo by far.