Public Transportation

For the last two mornings, I've run into the same older ladies from South Philly while catching the bus down Morris to the Broad Street line. Both women are in their late fifties, dressed for the office in that kind of generic way (khaki pants, sweater, walking sneakers), and have hair styles that are too young for them (long, dyed blond hair). Yesterday, one of the women was describing her day to the other and I couldn't imagine why: "Then she comes over to the house and does my hair up, cause she does my hair on Tuesday (pronounced "Tues-dee") and we watched the shows. Then I send a couple of emails and talked to my daughter and checked the fridge to see if we needed anything at the Acme cause Joe was going up their for lottery tickets anyways. Then we ordered Chinese and I went to Lane Bryant for these pants." The other woman said, "Well, I watched Fox News. I always watch Fox News because they have that investigative reporting show on and I like that." Today, they were joined by another woman who said she walked home from work every day and other two were like, Oh, Lord, we can barely walk down the subway steps, Jesus!

On the way home from work, I watched a really f-ed up young couple bickering while waiting for the train. The girl had her hair pulled back in a tight bun and wore black eyeliner and skinny jeans. Both were slurring their words and moving slowly, but the girl was still in a pissed off, aggressive mood. She got mad because another woman was trying to get around her and asked her to move. She told the guy, "I didn't know she was behind me. People are fucking rude!" They sat across from me on the train and I pretended to be listening to my music, but instead, tried to hear what they were talking about. Both of them had candy. It took her about five minutes to get her candy package out of her purse and then she opened it up and said, "You're a fucking pig. You ate all of these sweethearts!" I don't know what they were on, possilby just really stoned, but more likely some kind of pain killers b/c of the slurring. Or herion, I guess. It didn't look to be particularly fun.