Rachel must confront the insecurity of male models

Recall that we left the last episode on a cliff hanger, which I guess is the TV station's way of asking us to return. One of the dudes who already had a girlfriend has returned to beg for another chance. Rachel explains that she's looking for a man, not a boy. He's a boy for not telling the truth when she confronted him. He leaves with a shine of tears in his eyes. She is poised, classy, articulate.  The men high-five at her moxie.

A guy shows up with huge hands which I guess he either added to his carrying on or fashioned out of existing sheets from the Radisson. The skin tone is slightly brown to show that he is sensitive. Another guy in a bow tie illustrates his intelligence by not quite solving a Rubric's cube. Another by showing pictures of his ten year old daughter. Blake can't swallow the nonsense of the Howdy Doody guy who has one hounds tooth jacket that he can't stop wearing. Lucas is his name and he claims Blake has been standing over him while he was sleeping while eating a banana. Homophobic action number one.

Roses go to:

Ryan, white
Brice, white-ish
Eric, black
Anthony, black, balding
Will, handsome, purple handkerchief. African American.
Jonathan, blond, blue jacket
Jack, dark hair, white
Matt bearded, losing his hair, white
Alex, white, purple bow tie.
Adam, white, boring
Ken, black, scar on is forehead
Brady, Cheerio boy
Blake, really high-blond hair
Iggy, Asian descent
Brett, handsome, black man, blue shirt
Final rose to (and this makes me nervous that my favorite guy, the professor, will go home because ti's either going to go to Blake or Lucas. Cue spy music to add suspense). Diggy!!! My favorite. Bow tie, and handkerchief.
Score: 7 people of minority populations and 8 white guys. Is it important to keep track of the racial identities of the contestants? Or to reference Ta-Nehisi Coates idea that all "white" people are really people who believe they are white since race is a social construct. I don't know. I don't know what to make of this show. I want it to succeed, I want to believe that we are still progressing as a country regardless of the fact that we have a white supremacist supporter former celebrity billionaire as the leader of the free (?) world.

Bye-bye to drama with Lucas, and Howdy Doody, and a few other white dudes. Blake confronts Lucas and flicks him off.

Group date featuring Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen evaluates the men as they come in. She greets them by a combination of tickling and hugging. The men will be on her show and the expect a lot of wackiness. Ellen asks Rachel if she has kissed anyone and she confesses that she has. The studio audience laughs. Jonathan aka Tickle Monster feels nervous. Peter, the model-type, is worried that they will have to dance and he is right. Again, who doesn't want a husband who knows how to properly strip and perform a lap dance? That's exactly why I'm marrying Dan.

This part is boring. She is kissing everyone, including Frederick, who she says kisses like a little boy. She will send him home and gives the group date rose to Alex with the messy hair.

Rachel and Anthony ride actual horses into a Western-style shop and I have hopes that one of the horses will poop on the floor. Anthony wears size 13/14 cowboy boots which bodes well for the bedroom, so they say. They go to an abandoned patio where a jazz band is playing and he dips her for a kiss. He gets to stay as she has given him the rose. The men at the house are supportive, doing that half side hug, and handshake.

Second group date and Rachel roles up with a bunch of women she calls her posse. The men must take off their shirts and get into a pool of what looks like pig feces and wrestle. Dan says, "He's got 'em by the balls!" Rachel observes that Brady's hair is a force to be reckoned with because it stands up ten inches from his head. I do not understand this premise and I hate it. It's also very loud and I hope my neighbor can't hear the screaming and nonsense. The professional wrestler must go up against Bryce. It is totally unfair. Bryce wins, however.

The women give Rachel feedback on the men, saying that the guys don't really like Eric, which sets up for the next cliffhanger of Eric screaming at the group, which we have seen in the preview. Rachel tells Eric that the two of the men said he wasn't there for the right reasons. They happen to be two white guys, including one guy who says he keeps saying he loves him to death. Eric decides that Lee has a lot of snake in his blood and so he doesn't trust him. Rachel decides to give the group date rose to someone who I feel like the conversation took them to another level. She gives it to Eric and he is redeemed. Lee says that Eric means nothing to him. 

It's the cocktail party and the one guy also brings up Eric. He says that Eric said that he's not sure how real Rachel is being. Now the men are discussing him and Eric brings up the point that he's not dating the men, he's there to date her. We don't know how her conversation with Diggy went, and that makes me sad. Rachel again confronts Eric, and she may take the rose away from him. He's trying to figure out how to handle it. She says that her antennae are up. This will in turn make him feel even more defensive and allow us to segue way into a cliff-hanger. He makes a speech to the men saying let him fail on his own, not because the guys are talking shit on him. He keeps saying, My name is in your mouth. The real problem is this white dude. To be continued.