Yale Writers' Conference: Day 3

If you want to feel bad about yourself, you should attend some talks where the featured speakers graduated from Yale just five years ago and are now working as editors for Slate.com and The New Yorker. Makes you wonder whether it's actually true that money does create a difference in your life trajectory, so, like, if you happen to have gone to an all-girls college for ten years and then attended Yale, then interned at The Rolling Stone and hung out with someone who knows the editor of Talk of the Town and Shouts and Murmurs who then later calls to offer you a job if you want it, you might have somewhat more of an edge than if you attended a state school in Tallahassee, FL while working at Triple A as a dispatcher and TGI-Fridays as a waitress. Of course, some of that is jealousy talking, but not all of it. I realize that to get these jobs, you also have to have talent, and I'm sure these speakers do, and they are very engaging speakers, but I don't like them. At all. Actually, I do like them, but against my will. Which is why instead of listening closely to a story about what it's like to have a cubicle next to someone famous, I'm writing this.