I feel a little bratty these days--partially because I am living in one of the most privileged- filled towns in the country, a place where the very smart merge with the very wealthy and where no one looks before crossing the street, either because they are day-dreaming about string theory or because they are accustomed to being the center of the universe, where the normal modes of behavior (looking both ways) simply doesn't apply to them.

The other reason I feel spoiled is because I signed up for this monthly online stylist service, where you give this company your sizes and a sense of your personal taste, and they then send you five pieces of clothing and/or accessories to choose from. You can buy all of it for a discount of 25% or you can buy none of it and pay the $20 styling fee, or you can buy the items individually and pay whatever they cost, minus the $20.  The first time, I thought I liked everything (have yet to wear two of the shirts) and so bought everything for $194 (a pair of jeans, scarf, two shirts and a cardigan). This second time around, I didn't like any of it very much.Well, that's not totally true--I didn't like the price of some of the stuff--like a pair of black "trousers" (stretch pants) for $98 and then another cardigan for $64. I kept one thing--a heather grey sweater for $48, paying $28 after the discount.

My god, what have I become?

And then we also have a dog walker who stops by the house three times a week, because the dog is still a puppy and he needs to be walked, but I feel bad about that too; though not bad enough to stop doing it, which would mean driving myself there and back a few times a week during lunch. As it is, Dan and I switch off. I take Mondays and he takes Fridays and Heather, the dog walker, sees him from Tues. through Thursday.

I haven't attempted to write a blog post outlining the differences between having dogs and having cats; it's definitely a shock to the system to have a puppy. With cats, you get them, put out a litter box, and set them free. That's it. With puppies, you get them and then they never stop needing you. It keeps you active, what with the walking and the throwing of the toys. The incessant throwing of the toys. And dogs do things that cats do not so much. Like, they get hiccups. And they sigh. And they follow you into the bathroom to watch you brush your teeth. With the same level of interest as if you were pouring hamburger into their bowl. Like, it's all fascinating.

Here are some pictures of Chaplin.