No New Year's Resolutions

I didn't make any this year, even after watching a Dr. Phil show about how to succeed (accidentally watching it, okay? Nothing else was on). His remarks are all super common sense like, Have a specific goal in mind, don't buy Twinkies if you're sick of being fat, plan a date night with your partner if you need to feel closer together. I know what the secret to losing weigh is for me: stop eating candy every single day and marshmallow cereal for dinner. Hey, but that Whole Foods organic Three Sister's cereal is so good and only a few thousands of calories per bowl. And the marshmallows are made from free range marshes.YUM!

Also, perhaps get back into the habit of going to the gym. But I so hate the gym... It's boring and I get all sweaty and don't arrive home until late. I should think about going at lunch time and/or in the morning like some very organized people I know do.

I haven't made myself promise to write more, because I'm still getting up in the mornings to do the 750 words thing and have a 336 day streak going (more or less. I sometimes cheat on the weekends by cutting and pasting text). I haven't even made a promise to write in this blog more, because it gets tiresome. I feel like I should only write if I have something interesting to say and that happens so rarely.

Dan and I have not promised to make video parodies of the new season of The Bachelor, because he still can't stay over at my house during the week while he's filling in at Princeton M-F (truthfully, even when that job ends, he won't stay over during the week b/c he has Luke every night).

But in case you're wondering, here's Sean Lowe (no relation to Rob Lowe,  I don't think), who is the newest bachelor extraoridinaire.

Molly and I have decided that the following things will happen this season:

1. Pretty much no one is there for the "right reasons."
2. Sean will feel vulnerable.
3. 50% of the scenes will be shot poolside/backlit by a sunset/on a helicopter.
4. One of the women will drink way too much on the first night and slur her regrets when she's rejected.
5. Most every episode will feature these words,"the hardest decision I've ever had to make" and Chris Harrison saying, "Unlike anything you've ever seen before in Bachelor history..." and "most dramatic rose ceremony in history" (neither statement of which is true).
6. Someone will return from bachelor past to fight for Sean's love. Molly knows this from a commercial.
7. No one will ever say, "No, I will not accept this stupid rose."
8. 787 bottles of Pinot Grigio will be consumed, but no one will be shown snorting coke, though they're all doing it to suppress their appetites.
9. Group hot tub scene with one woman leaving, hoping she will be pursued by Sean.
10. Tears.

Here is something I promise to do--more pictures. This is me and Dan on our way to Supper.