Mummer's Parade

This update is way past due, so I don't feel like writing a lot, except that on New Year's Day, we went to the Mummer's Parade for a few hours and saw some great costumes and floats and heard good marching bands and saw old white Philadelphia ladies smoking cigarettes and shouting for beads from the paraders. I believe a good time was had by all, at least until we started to freeze to death and had to go to the diner for breakfast. That was cool too though, because we got a front row seat to the street and could continue watching the carrying-on.
French bulldog named Frannie in a red sweater. Get it? Red bull?

Charlie Chaplin

Lovely drag queen ladies.

Check out all the Elvises. Elvi? What do you call a pack of Elvis look-a-likes, the Vegas years?

Peacock Pride.

Can't recall the theme of this group, but he was the best of the bunch.

Philly cops look the other way as people walk by drinking Bud Light.