Squirrels on Film

Lisa Marie and I saw a squirrel in a tree yesterday with an entire plastic jar of peanut butter in its little hands. I tried to take a picture for you, but it ended up a blurred mess. Then today at lunch, I was nearly assaulted by a squirrel that got cornered and feinted toward me like it was about to clamber up my bare leg. I screamed. Liz screamed. Squirrel ran halfway up a brick wall and then poing-ed out onto the patio. On Penn's campus, the squirrels are very tame because students feed them. They will take food out of your hands. Here is a video representing what squirrels are like here:

I'm writing about this innocuous topic to distract myself from the angst I feel in a general sense about the upcoming election. I was going to write a blog post ranting about undecided voters and how they should just go ahead and not vote. How they probably need to focus on recovering from that six-month coma they clearly just woke up out of yesterday. But then that seemed too negative and judge-y and mean. So instead, you get this: