First Debate

Disappointed in the reaction by the media to the presidential debates last night; I listened to most of them on NPR b.c I can't stand to look at Romney's face, which always appears to me that it's made out of something soft and melting, like brie cheese. Obama was almost too polite, too diplomatic, he didn't go on the attack very often; didn't mention Romney's anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-old, anti-working class, anti-foreigners, anti-dog policies, but maybe this is a long term strategy that he's developed with his team to save the more destructive stuff for later, when Romney won't have time to recover. Romney actually said that he would cut funding for PBS--this to the host of the debate who works for PBS. Pundits are saying Romney did better b.c he was more aggressive. Is that what wins debates? Who shouts the loudest and interrupts the most?

I  was hoping that Romney would lose his temper and end up shouting the "n" word or make some other public gaffe that reveals his real agenda, but alas, he did not. .

At the end, Obama looked into the camera and said something like, When I was first elected, I promised the American people I would fight for their rights every day. If you vote for me, that is what I will continue to do. It was heartfelt, but also a little defeated, like Pedro in Napolean Dynamite going, If you vote for me, I will make sure all of your dreams come true. It wasn't insincere at all, just a little flat and I thought, Maybe he doesn't want to win the election. Maybe he's sick to death of being President of a country controlled by mostly by rich white cry babies who want to protect their wealth and don't give a damn "about you or your mommy or your daddy" (that's an indirect quote from David Cross).

Fingers crossed that the next three times are better.