Need to Stop Watching Reality Detective Shows

Bad dreams last night as several of the things I have anxiety about converged into one moment--lost a tooth, Tina discovered I have cats (in the dream, they were actually living in her house, but we hadn't told her yet), had to give a speech at a meeting and was unprepared, awkward distant acquaintance asked me to have coffee with him after work at his house and I couldn't think of an excuse on the spot.

When I finally woke up, I felt a great sense of relief that none of those things (have yet) happened. Also woke up earlier in the night because a woman was screaming and yelling outside--far enough away that I couldn't tell what she was saying or if she was in any real danger and then I thought of the show What Would You Do? which puts people in fake ethical dilemmas and then secretly videotapes to see if anyone does the right thing. I decided I would at least get up to look out the window in case I needed to identify a killer, but by then, her voice had gone down to a normal, too loud range and I still couldn't see where she was, so I went back to bed. This is the consequence of watching the 48 Hours Mystery special prior to going to sleep, where a guy is accused of beating both his parents to death with a baseball bat so he wouldn't have to pay back a loan. So, I couldn't stop thinking about what those last moments must have been for the mom, like, she gave birth to this child and raised him and he turns out to be the force that causes her death. Would she have ever imagined in her life up until that moment that he would be capable of such a thing?