The List

I have this new list on my refrigerator of the things I want to try to do more often--not every day, necessarily, but more than once a year. Take my vitamin, drink more water, walk to work, exercise, write every day, and then blog three times a week, that's another goal. It's hard though--especially when at least a portion of my day is taken up by work-related social media; I don't seem to have much energy for my own stuff. And I'm not taking enough pictures, that's another problem. Once the weather gets nice, I promise I'll get out more.

Tonight, will go to Zumba again for the first time in 100 years. I told Dan I was dreading it and he said, But you're an excellent dancer. It's nice, how blind he is to my short-comings.

I terms of writing stuff---have been doing my 750 words every morning for 37 days now, all because this blogging site offers me virtual badges for certain electronic badges of unicorns and flamingos and squirrels. That's what motivates me.  Today wasn't a good writing day, mostly just wrote thoughts versus any fiction or poetry. On a related note, one trend I noticed in the fiction portion of the class I teach is this tendency to leave out the rising action of the story and for the most dramatic part of the tale to have already occurred. So, for example, you're introduced to a central character who's a down and out bum and then, through a series of flashbacks, you learn how it is that he came to be a drunk. In the present day of the story, though, nothing changes. We start a new fiction class for Philadelphia Stories on Monday--maybe this will be a good topic to lead with.