Finally, more windows

Have you missed my South Philly window pics? Me too. So many cats in windows, so little time. Here's one who needs a nail file to break out of her jail.

Patriotic cat.
Look closely. This is not a cat; it's a cranky doggie.

I love how this kitty has such a bright pink collar. Very luxurious against the lace curtain.

A real modern nun sighting. I had to pretend to be taking a photo of the church. What does she look like? Wait for it.
Like this!I love how her hands are clasped, as though she's continually counting the beads on her rosary even when it's not there.

Shy kitty.
Friendly out door cat who I wanted to take home.

Bleeding Jesus + art deco.
A photo challenge: find the two cats.

My new BFF.
Spines of books in Lambertsville.

Me petting a horse. Shortly after this, a white horse came over and kicked this one in the chest, clearly jealous. Dan and I were splattered with mud, but otherwise uninjured.

Reminds me of Gretel, dead now for about 3 years, but always memorialized in the painting Jodie made for me which hangs in my living room.

Screen window Siamese.

I think her name must be Ghost.

And here are my kitties, doing what they do every single morning without fail. They're looking at the sparrows and pigeons who dare to roost on the cement wall. Obliviously, I don't have the cleanest kitchen.


Jenn said…
hey cute cat pictures. Word on the street is that Reid will be back on the show.... Tonights show is "Men Tell All" and Reid will not be around. I have a feeling he was asked back (just like Ed).....

Hmmmmm.. we shall see...

Ummm, i guess i will return to normal when this show ends. Kinda embarrasing that I even watch this show.. ;-(