Quickly, quickly

I don't have much time to write because I have the first in five meetings for today in 10 minutes. I feel like I am pretending to be an assistant director. I have my own office which has come equippted with the following: a flat screened computer with speakers, a scanner, a printer, a palm pilot, an eraserboard, paper cutter, filing cabinet, phone, 2 booshelves, bulletin board, and, my favorite of all, a space heater. Oh, and there's a coat hanger on the back of the door. The door which I can shut if I want some privacy. The door which is not a cubicle wall. I'm wearing a suit today with a jacket that doesn't quite fit. It's the bust-line that's the problem. Is it unprofessional to wear a suit that won't button? The sleeve and waist length are fine. Oh the curse of being voluptuous!

Weird former job work dream last night. I went to an Indigo Girl concert that everyone from my old job also attended, including the male VP who I had a slight crush on. He was there with his wife and kids, but I kept trying to get his attention by singing really loudly to the IG songs (though I only know about 2 of them). Then suddenly the venue changed to being outside and a girl slipped on the ice. She fell on her head, and the noise of her head hitting the ice made an audible thumping noise. I immediately considered the possibility that she might go brain dead and be a potential donor. I ran to her side. She kept trying to stand up, but I told her to keep still. A nurse came over and gave her a shot with a long needle in the side of her mouth. After about one minute, she came back and stuck a screw in her check and then a long bar to secure it. Do not ask me what this was for, but it appeared that the girl would be okay. Nevertheless, I was required to report on the incident at a QB meeting of me, the VP, BN, and my friend Tamara. I wrote my notes on a napkin, leaving out very important pieces of information such as the outcome of the case. The VP was unimpressed. When will these dreams end?