A look into my future

I was having an ugly-feeling day on Sunday when we went over to our friends to watch the Superbowl and so we were drinking Cosmos and then a PBR and then some red wine, you know, the usual alcoholics fare and having a good time. I said something kind of funny and everyone laughed and I was still please with myself when I went into the bathroom and caught a glimpse of my reflection and I thought, Omigod, I'm becoming a "character." As in the kind of person that people go, Oh, that Aimee, she's a character! My hair was all over the place and I looked pale and a little unwell and jolly. I don't want to be a character. I only want to be pretty and desirable. I don't want to be Ethel Merman, but that's how I looked and felt at that moment. I am doomed to characterhood.